DMG Air Technics helps its customers to do more with less - we offer wide range of technical support services for aircraft systems. Our mission is straightforward: reduce and offer lower prices for the benefit of customers worldwide while generating revenues to support technical practice, development and education at DMG Technology Holdings.


Using a network of partners and KNOW-HOW we access engine assets to support any lease, purchase or exchange. Moreover, our portfolio of services consist of:


  • Engine Management. (We work and support components of the most popular engine types: CFM 56 family, CF34 family, CF6 family, V25 family and etc).
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APU) Management
  • Landing Gear, Wheel & Brake Systems
  • Navigation Equipment
  • Hydraulic Actuation Systems
  • Electromechanical Servo Controls, Hydro-Mechanical Systems
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Flight Surfaces/Structures
  • Line Replacement Units (LRU)
  • Rotable and consumable parts supply


Our team of Engineers has extensive experience in managing hundreds of complex aviation projects.


DMG Air Technics delivers all types of aircraft spare parts and materials. We supply parts for commercial aircrafts and deliver comprehensive services which cover spare part, component and surplus material sales, lending and exchange. In partnerships with other organizations our company can guarantee comprehensive spare parts supply management.


DMG Air Technics holds a pool of components for exchange program when components are required on an AOG. Our repair management experts derive the highest level of service which is structured into regional teams and cost efficient repairs.